The only male star in the entertainment industry who is married and no one believes!

The only male star in the entertainment industry who is married and no one believes!
The couple who pretend to be in love are the same, and the interesting and lovely companion is the one in a million.

speaking of "indecent" male stars in the entertainment industry, which one do you think of first?

that must be-- big! Zhang! Wei!

after all, I have sung in the song myself:

"my affection is a joke."

as a clear stream in the entertainment industry, there are many labels on Da Zhang Wei:

Rock lead singer, variety host, walking "language artist" …...

because of this mouth, there is a special magic thing in the big teacher.

every time he admits to getting married, others don't believe him! 😂

from 2016 to 2019, it was roughly calculated that there were at least three hot searches because of this.

some netizens said:

"this is probably the only star who admits to getting married openly and secretly, but no one believes it."

it's both distressing and funny. In fact, as early as 2014, Da Zhang Wei and his agent Liu Ying obtained a low-key license.

more and more people know that after Da Zhang Wei got married, they began to pick up clues about him from love to marriage.

it turns out that he has secretly sprinkled sugar in the program countless times.

now when I look back, I suddenly realize that the plot is foreshadowing everywhere after the end of the movie.

I have to say that in today's endless cycle when good men in the mainland entertainment circle line up for "concave people to set up-- rollover".

Da Zhang Wei's love history is simply sweet to cry.

"I have no criteria for choosing a mate. What I have to say is you."

Let's start with a set. How many times did Zhang Wei secretly show his love on the show?

in 2011, Da Zhang Wei was a guest of "Tonight".

when talking to Guo Degang about the criteria for choosing a mate, he said three points:

"is Bai Pang, as festive as a New year's doll."

"then you have to understand me, understand my fragile kind."

"it's better to be 3 years older than me and hold the gold bricks."

at that time, anyone saw that it was all the jokes of Da Zhang Wei, who was not stingy.

but I didn't know until many years later that I was clearly talking about Liu Ying.

A girl who is fat and festive and understands his fragility.

Big Zhang Wei first spoke publicly about Liu Ying, probably in 2009.

at the break-up concert of the Flower Band, Zhang Wei burst into tears.

and secretly hid Liu Ying's name behind everyone.

pretended to say something casually:

"and like that Liu Ying, thank you very much."

Da Zhang Wei, who later became a "variety ride-hailing", secretly confessed his love to his agent on the show countless times.

in "every Day upward", Zheng Jun mentioned: "if you marry a wife, I hope you can love her."

hearing this, Da Zhang Wei, standing next to him, repeatedly agreed: "Yes."... "

and I couldn't help giggling.

Wang Han suddenly joked: "Big Zhang Wei, do you love your agent?"

Big Zhang Wei heard him say incoherently, "she's hot, and I like it, too."

on another occasion, when I was "going up every day", an accordion player said he didn't have a girlfriend.

Big Zhang Wei secretly answered: "find an agent."

while recording the variety show "Xiuxiandi Sunday", he said:

"I think all delicious food is delicious as long as there is enough to eat.

you don't have to look good, it's the same as choosing an agent.


, did not expect Da Zhang Wei to be so straightforward, and his expression was stunned.

on the program "College students are coming", host Li Ai asked Da Zhangwei when was the last time he fell in love.

Big Zhang Wei received a meaningful remark: "that is to say, don't keep talking about these brokers."

is to admit that the last time I fell in love was with an agent.

all the guests present laughed, and the program group specially gave Liu Ying a shot.

after reading these, do you have the feeling that you have been deceived by Zhang Wei's "indecent"?

the only male artist in the entertainment industry who catches up with the exposure of his relationship, but no one believes it!

but for Zhang Wei's friends and old fans, the relationship between him and Liu Ying is a completely open secret.

some fans said on Zhihu in 2017 that Da Zhangwei had already obtained a license.

netizens who eat melons are just looking at it as fake material, and they don't care about it at all.

however, this is exactly what Zhang Wei wants:

Love doesn't have to be made public.

but when I express it, it is enough for you to understand.

"only she can cure the great Zhang Wei of heaven and earth."

just this year, Da Zhang Wei and Liu Yingxian went on a hot search together.

the entry is slightly witty, and # Big Zhang Wei is carried by his wife.

Big Zhang Wei, who usually jumped up and down, was carried back by Liu Ying with one hand.

people say, "good boy, Big Zhang Wei is what he is today."

Big Zhang Wei, who is full of heaven and earth, finally met someone who can cure him.

he, who is so fond of jumping, becomes extremely clever as soon as he follows Liu Ying.

you drag me to the east, I will never take another step to the west.

walk down the street with you, holding hands and never want to let go.

when I see you, I feel that all the spring flowers are blooming.

once Chen Ming asked Da Zhangwei, "how long will you be angry after a fight?"

Big Zhang Wei said directly, "I am afraid of the speed at which I think I am a pussy."

many people say that this is to drop one thing at a time.

but in fact, there is no "subduation" in love.

to put it bluntly, one is willing to fight, the other is willing to suffer.

the person you can easily hold must love you very much.

this is how big Zhang Wei is to Liu Ying.

many people wonder why the talented Zhang Wei married this ordinary girl.

Big Zhang Wei gave the answer in just two words-down-to-earth.

after detailing the experience of Da Zhang Wei, we will find that he, who is always anxious, needs sense of security most.

and Liu Ying is his best tranquilizer.

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Big Zhang Wei has experienced three ups and downs since he became famous as a teenager and became popular in middle age.

in the treacherous fate of Bo Yun, he was knocked down again and again, but he stood up again in astonishment.

Liu Ying has been with him all the way. She knows Zhang Wei better than anyone else.

from rock to pop, from music to variety.

every transformation and change of Da Zhangwei, Liu Yingdu stands firmly behind him.

in 2011, Big Zhang Wei terminated his contract with the original company, the band disbanded and carried a huge amount of compensation.

at that time, Liu Ying, as an agent, still held the resources of artists like Jing Beran.

but she gave up everything and left with the bleak future of Da Zhang Wei.

Big Zhang Wei once talked about Liu Ying in our Master:

"my wife, who is also my agent, knows exactly where my weakness is, and why I am unhappy."

it is also because of this understanding that Liu Ying was able to bring back Big Zhang Wei, who was once in the dark.

maybe many people don't know that Da Zhang Wei, who is alive on the show now, was once depressed.

and Liu Ying made a decision at that time, which accidentally caused Da Zhang Wei to be hacked by the whole network.

but now it seems that Da Zhang Wei has been saved.

in 2016, Bell, a foreign adventure expert, brought a team to China to do a Reality Show-"follow Bell to take an adventure."

this is not a show, but a real wild survival show.

eating earthworms and cow eyes raw is a routine operation for all kinds of strange creatures.


Big Zhang Wei is inside, crying, swearing and collapsing countless times.

even trembled with fear and stopped in the middle of the show.

program was broadcast, netizens commented on Da Zhangwei: childish and ridiculous, not a man.

fans also questioned the professional ability of Zhang Wei's agent, and even scolded him.

but Liu Ying knows that the purpose of this program is not to make money, let alone to be famous, but to save the life of Zhang Wei.

Big Zhang Wei, who was hacked by the whole network, opened a closed heart in this program and knew what team spirit was.

learned to shout "I want to be a sunny rainbow white horse" to cure my depression and fear.

only then did he realize that success may also begin with fragility, and that only when discouraged can people find the strength to be reborn.

he changed his usual depression and began to heal himself.

in this way, Da Zhang Wei became more and more alive day by day.

many years later, he talked about this experience on the program and thanked Liu Ying for his decision.

after hearing this, Vega also said with a thumbs up:

"your wife, great wisdom."

the best romance given by a lover is to nourish each other and thrive together.

the romance welcomed by Liu to Zhang Wei does not lie in love, but in the redemption after death.

"Big Zhang Wei, how romantic a man"

"on the one hand, I'm afraid of punk singing love songs, and on the other hand, I'm afraid of falling in love."

this sentence, which is often mentioned by music fans, is reflected incisively and vividly in Da Zhang Wei.

some time ago, he went on a hot search because of his romantic love, which attracted 350 million attention.

people found that the original hippie smile of the big Zhang Wei, the heart is full of affection and delicacy.

he said: "the reason why a cold person is cold is that he has not met the one he likes."

so Zhang Wei, who opened his mouth, wrote an affectionate song like "I just want to spend time with you" for Liu Ying.

I want to spend some time with you

see you and sunshine every morning

I just want to spend time with you every night

cast a net into your ocean

I just want to be with you

have a quiet time

No longer infatuated with far away, no longer advance melancholy

this song describes his love for Liu Ying.

"Don't think about whether anyone will love me tomorrow; who still loves me? but if you love me now, I think the whole world loves me."

he said:

"what kind of person is the bravest? it is those who do not refuse to love. They are braver than those who endure loneliness. Many people can endure loneliness, but they cannot go."Pursue love. "

so, even if someone mocks that Da Zhang Wei married an ordinary fat girl;

even if fans say more than once that they don't like Zhang Wei to be with his agent.

he is still generous hand in hand, Weibo publicly confessed his love.

unreservedly gave all preferences to Liu Ying.

he also said:

"the purpose of marriage is to be secure. I always feel that there is such a big place in the world, but it is not home anywhere.

I don't want to look outside. I can go outside for money anyway, but home is not a place to go back with money. "

therefore, Da Zhangwei especially cherishes his lover and family.

in his eyes, a partner is more important than a child, because she is the one who stays with him longer.

has always felt that the value of love always lies in its scarcity.

he smiles all day long, but he is only affectionate and soft for you; he disguises himself in front of others, but only defends you.

seemingly indecent, he always pokes people in the heart every time he speaks.

Big Zhang Wei wants the same love as the poem he has read.

there are 400 million roses planted in my yard, and every morning I sit at the door with a book in my hand.

passers-by will praise my roses, and some even want to break one or two.

I ignored everything until the day you came, smiled and narrowed into a crescent moon and asked me what book I was reading.

I knew that these more than 400 million roses are all yours.

Big Zhang Wei in the emotional world has a childishness that no one else has.

is not immature and unreasonable, but sincere and pure.

if you can play with me, I'll give you everything. I'm selfish, but I tacky want to spend all my money on you.