The study found a new disease-"father mania".

The study found a new disease-"father mania".
It's true.

"he may not be a good husband, but he is a good father." this is my mother's conclusion about my father after more than ten years of marriage.

I took the opportunity to change the subject because I wrote a lot about my father. I didn't like his bad temper. I even hated him occasionally. But I was also speechless for a moment, trying to rush back to cheer him up, which seemed to be an instinctive reaction. I can't tell why.

maybe I saw too much of my father in that grumpy policeman father, so I thought a lot and figured something out in the cinema.

my father used to be a policeman, a criminal policeman, who can investigate homicides and open doors and play with guns.

but I often take it seriously and lose my temper. After being chased by me for a few minutes, my father will be exhausted, and I instantly turn defeat into victory.

after puberty, I don't laugh and play with my father anymore, and even the relationship becomes cold.

our temperament is very similar, the same hard temper, so when we grow up, we become unable to communicate, and think it is a nasty and difficult thing. I can't stand his temper, and he can't control me.

because of my good grades since childhood, although my relationship with my father has been stumbling, no major conflicts have broken out.

as the senior high school entrance examination is approaching, I still go out every weekend because I have an appointment with him to go to the library to review. I lied that I was with a friend and had made an appointment to keep my word. and my dad couldn't come up with any good reason except viciously disagree, so we quarreled again and again.

I am not used to this kind of scene. He is always nervous, intentionally or unintentionally probing me, trying to find out my social circle thoroughly; he always chatters when he goes out the door and reports everything he has eaten; he suddenly explodes when he finds something wrong.

at the beginning of the story, he took advantage of his position to arrest his daughter's boyfriend, accused him of having sex with an underage girl, and then took his daughter to have an abortion.

for example,

touch my cabbage? After

daughter disappeared, Louis Koo began to lose control.

he will fight until he is dripping with blood, and he will kneel before the media and beg them to help him get his daughter back.

then I did fail in the high school entrance exam.

my father may have been frightened by me and quietly asked me if I was unhappy when I failed in the exam. I cried and shook my head and couldn't say a word.

my father always said that he would take me to the mall and movies for no reason, and he always told me happily that the good high school scores from the grapevine were not much higher than mine.

but my mother said, in fact, your father already knew that with his experience in criminal investigation, he had seen through your little tricks. He probably thought you failed in the exam and lovelorn, afraid you wouldn't get over it.

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I really want me to be worse.

I remember when I was a teenager, I quarreled with my father and sat alone in my room without saying a word. My mother and I said, "you know what?" The more nervous one is, the greater the reaction will be. "

I think has become a father's man, just an upgraded version of the old boy.

that's their favorite thing. They can't wait to hide it, protect it day and night, and fight for it until the last minute.

I'm sorry to ask you if you like someone.

I don't know how to comfort you who is lovelorn.

most of the time he wants you to get better, and he is always in a hurry, which leads to good words coming out and all angry words.

good night.

although Pepe did not say by name that this article was written for his father, I also know that fathers will be frustrated because their children are unhappy, and children will try to make their parents happy because they are unhappy.

good night again.