There is a blessing called fullness.

There is a blessing called fullness.
Plump people have blessings, and those who have blessings enjoy blessings.

in this era of slim beauty, losing weight has almost become a hot topic for the whole people.

all men and women, old and young, regard being thin as their beauty, and there have been entertainment on the Internet, such as "A4 paper waist" and "touching belly button with backhand", which prove that they are slim.

Young people think that the thinner the better, thin is beautiful.

in fact, the true beauty is not the skinny appearance, but the fullness of the body.

body, health is more important than slim

people should first be healthy before talking about beauty and ugliness.

the abnormal aesthetic makes many people go on a diet, lose weight, or even vomit for the sake of the so-called "beauty".

eventually the weight is lost, and the disease comes with it.

as we all know, being too obese can lead to a variety of diseases, which can be life-threatening.

but in fact, being too thin can also be fatal.

nature, a top medical journal, published a Canadian study that found that people who are too thin have a higher risk of early death than obese people.

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it can be seen that whether it is too thin or too fat, it is a threat to our lives.

there is a saying on the Internet that says:

"Don't decorate yourself with treasures, but arm your body with health."

I take it for granted that instead of using a slim body to equip myself with gorgeous jewelry, it is better to take abundance as my own and give myself a healthy body.

Health is more important than slim.

not too thin, but fat, moderately plump is the best weapon against disease.

in the future life, remember to eat three meals a day, live regularly day and night, take good care of your body, don't deliberately lose weight, don't let your weight exceed the safety line, and give yourself a healthy body.

the most beautiful is not skinny, but plump

everyone has a love of beauty.

but beauty is not a skinny, sickly appearance, but a ruddy complexion and a plump figure.

actor Gong Li is a hot search because of his figure.

when she was in her 50s, she was walking on the road with her lover in a long dress, because her figure was richer than before, causing a heated discussion among netizens.

but I think that the best state of a person in middle age is the plump appearance.

sometimes, too thin body, too slim image, but can not support a person's aura.

only accept the changes of the years, accept the changes of the body, this is the most beautiful appearance.

too many people believe that women, before and after marriage, and men, whether they socialize or not, should maintain a slim, slim figure.

this is a bit of putting the cart before the horse. The reason why we call body fullness is fat, use the word "Fu", because this is a good performance.

the word "beautiful" is taken apart, which means "sheep" and "big", which means to raise fat sheep, which is called "beauty".

later, when we used the word "beautiful" on people, it never meant to encourage people to be slim and slim.

Young people are more beautiful than the bones exposed after being thin. when we are our age, we will understand that true beauty does not have to be thin. It is only when we are energetic and full of posture that it is true beauty.

the beauty of the mountain lies not in its height, but in its scenery; the beauty of man lies not in its appearance, but in its plump posture.

there is a blessing called fullness

the ancients often used "the heaven is full and the pavilion is round" to judge whether a person is blessed or not.

it also has something to do with the past life.

in ancient times, the poor were often unable to eat and were bony and sallow, while the rich were blessed with food and clothing and ruddy complexion.

so we think that the appearance of eating well, with a round face, ruddy complexion and rich body is healthy and blessed.

the star who is also plump and popular is Jia Ling, who plays the sketch.

in everyone's desire for slim entertainment, Jia Ling has attracted countless fans with her excellent performance and rich image.

her popularity is like a different fashion in the entertainment industry, telling people that being popular doesn't have to be slim.

some people think that slim figure can be more popular, but look around, the people who are really popular are the people with rich physique.

A rich person has broad shoulders and trustworthy shoulders, thick earlobes, richer earlobes, and energetic people like them more.

A plump image makes people feel approachable and easier to get along with.

plump people have blessings, and those who have blessings enjoy blessings.

instead of relying on vomiting, taking medicine and other methods to make yourself skinny and sick, it is better to eat and drink well and give yourself a healthy body.

when people reach middle age, they all understand that health is more important than slim, and happiness is more important than image.

take good care of yourself for the rest of your life. Don't be too thin. Proper abundance is actually good.


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