These three kinds of people are "kind-hearted and poisonous", and the farther away the better.

These three kinds of people are "kind-hearted and poisonous", and the farther away the better.
Camouflage may be able to cheat for a while, but it can never stand the test of time.

remember that there is a passage in "Psychological Crime":

"the human heart is like a black hole, which people can't see or touch or guess. It can be very kind, but it can also be very vicious."

Life is a long journey and we will meet countless people.

some people seem warm and cheerful on the surface, but in fact they are very deep, always calculating, just to get more benefits.

the heart is separated by the belly, and you can never guess the mind under the smiling face.

camouflage may be able to cheat for a while, but it can never stand the test of time.

therefore, please be on guard against those around you who are "kind-faced and poisonous".

break your word, break your word

in Zhihu, someone once asked, "what is the most important quality of being a man?"

there is a highly praised answer: whether you have money or no money, honesty is the most important.

I think so.

honesty is the rarest foundation for anyone.

once upon a time, there was a rich businessman who was unfortunately caught in a storm while crossing the river.

the boat accidentally capsized and the rich businessman fell into the water. Seeing that the ship was about to sink, he lay down on the hull and shouted for help.

it happened that a fisherman was sailing by, and the rich businessman hurriedly shouted, "if you save me, I will give you 120 silver."

the fisherman asked the rich businessman why he had broken his word, and the rich businessman said with disdain, "how much can you earn every day as a fisherman?" Isn't it enough to give you ten taels of silver? "

the fisherman had to go disgusted.

someone tried to rescue him, but the fisherman who had been deceived by the rich man came over and said, "him!" He is a man of his word, so you should be careful. "

there is a saying in "Shuangjie Tang mediocre training":

if you are involved in the world, don't believe it. This matter can not be attacked, and if it breaks its promise, nothing will make people suspicious.

when you are alive, don't destroy your character, don't lose your integrity.

people who break their promises are often unable to move, so that no one is willing to trust and no one wants to come close.

I believe that many people should have the experience of being written a bad check.

when the other party made a promise, he looked sincere and vowed. He never thought that he was just empty talk, and he didn't take it to heart at all.

you are full of joy waiting for the other party to fulfill the agreement, but in the end it is nothing but joy.

We often say that honesty is the best passport in life.

the reaction of breaking a promise is like crumpled paper. No matter how flat it is, there will be traces.

get along with others, this is mutual, you are sincere, I am true, you fake me to turn around.

when you meet a person who doesn't keep his word, you must stay away, don't let false promises be used as bargaining chips to deceive you, and don't overdraw your trust at will.

narrow-minded, especially fond of holding grudges

in life, everyone can't be perfect, and it's impossible to do everything.

No matter how cautious we are, we will inevitably encounter misunderstandings and contradictions when dealing with others.

but there will always be some people who love to hold a grudge, and once they offend him, they will be stumbled by all kinds of things, making it difficult to guard against.

there is such a plot in the TV series "settling down".

Zhai Yunxiao and Xu Wenchang are closely related classmates. after graduation, the two became the dominant force of the real estate agency.

in the early years, in order to issue a bill, Zhai Yunxiao wanted to sell houses with defective property rights to customers.

Xu Wenchang resolutely stopped him, and from then on Zhai Yunxiao hated Xu Wenchang and quarreled with him everywhere.

Zhai Yunxiao carefully planned and took advantage of his position to arrange the room like brocade to Xu Wenchang store, hoping that she would learn the old house business, catch Xu Wenchang, and then fire him.

in the long-term relationship, the relationship between Xu Wenchang and Fang Yijin has become more and more relaxed and harmonious.

but at this time, Zhai Yunxiao even let the room look beautiful in order to suppress him.

out of resentment, Zhai Yunxiao used despicable means to cancel the promotion opportunity of Fang Xianjin, trying to force her to resign.

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in the face of Xu Wenchang's plea, Zhai Yunxiao said disdainfully, "I will not forgive anyone who has offended me!"

on the contrary, Zhai Yunxiao was found to have stolen company secrets. Not only did he lose his job, but his plan to ride the dragon's fast son-in-law also failed.

narrow-minded people only know themselves in their eyes and hearts, and are easily blinded by resentment.

once others owe him, he will cling to others and keep the little things in mind for the rest of his life.

on the surface, he is polite, but he secretly likes to dig up old debts, make a mountain out of a molehill when he finds the opportunity, and deliberately double his revenge until he solves his hatred.

there is a line in "evil in the east and poison in the west":

"anyone can be vicious, as long as you try what jealousy is."

when you meet such a person, your life will get worse and worse, and your heart will get colder and colder.

making friends lies not in making many friends, but in being good. When you meet a narrow-minded person, you must stay away as soon as possible.

false feelingsPretend to fall out and don't recognize people

there is such a story in Xin Yu of awakening the World:

there was a son of a rich family named Sun Ze. Relying on his wealth and doing nothing all day, he made a lot of bad friends and was surrounded by a group of people who ate, drank and played together.

Sun Ze's extravagant life remained unchanged after his father died. It wasn't long before he squandered all his wealth.

when he was desperate, he wanted to ask for help to his former friends, but he was turned away by them all. Some people even gloated, satirizing him: "Don't call us brothers, I really don't know you!"

and those "friends" who avoid it when they are down, come to congratulate them one after another.

Sun Ze saw through these people, but he was only profitable and took advantage of him.

once called Brotherhood was nothing more than false flattery, so we broke up.

I don't know if you have ever met such a person who is called a brother when you are used on weekdays. When you are down and frustrated, if you don't lend a helping hand, you will turn your face and recognize others and draw a clear line with you mercilessly.

in the face of such people, never feel that you can get a real return if you give your heart.

they often speak better than sing. When they need their help, they will sit on the sidelines and stay away.

as the saying goes, time knows people, but difficulties know the heart.

if something happens to you, you may never know the people around you, who really cares about you, and who is just perfunctory.

so keep your eyes open and don't be fooled by the hypocrisy of those people!

it's enough to hurt once. Learn your lesson and avoid walking when you see it clearly, so as not to waste your heart in vain.

Please remember that you can only talk to everyone and don't throw your heart away.

when it comes to a certain age, those who are hypocritical and have a playful relationship do not have to struggle to maintain it. They should lose what should be lost and refuse what should be lost.

your heart will not be extinguished until you meet the most true person.

I have seen many people and walked many ways, and gradually realized that the "three values" of making friends are more important than facial features.

Don't always make trouble for yourself, be more open-minded and learn to keep your eyes open.

for some people, they fade when they see it clearly, but forget it when they see it through. Don't always cling to it.

May you and I meet people who are really worth making friends with.

take advantage of the breeze, hold your head high and stride forward hand in hand, all the way to a better place, and you will feel refreshed for the rest of your life.

encourage each other!