This movie is bound to be a dark horse.

This movie is bound to be a dark horse.
To be determined.

since the premiere of car Theft in North America, word of mouth has exploded around the world, with a good rating of 95% on rotten tomatoes and an IMDB score of 8.5, which can be said to be the most anticipated movie in the second half of the year.

fortunately, it has finally been confirmed recently, with the premiere of "Theft car God" on Chinese mainland on Aug. 25, making many people feel relieved by a big stone.

in my opinion, it perfectly interprets the meaning of "when you fall in love with someone, you suddenly have weakness and armor."

but because of this, with the help of music rhythm, he has also become the most famous driver in the industry.

he lives an exciting and regular life, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a month for crime, working as a thug outside and being a filial son at home, but he doesn't know why he lives.

she is an ordinary waitress, but she made waves in Baby's heart when she first met her.

Baby meditates for a moment and then replied, "I'm the one who's on call."

"I'm a driver."

"I hope not."

afraid of bringing her trouble;

likes her, wants to protect her, but feels unworthy of her.

but as my partner said: "in this line of work, if you have emotional ties, you are not far from getting shot."

this is probably the saddest thing for every young boy to meet a sweetheart.

since middle school, he has almost made a living by fighting.

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it is said to touch and roll, but it is still dominated by rolling and fighting.

he went to the restaurant to run errands for the cook, and after a few days, he threw the kitchen knife at his feet and left.

for a long time, his image in the family was just a label that "mud can't hold up the wall."

when I asked in private, I learned that he had joined a lending institution at that time. It was not very glorious, but he made a lot of money.

in the eyes of many people, as long as you have money, you have to boast that you can live a good life.

with the first bucket of gold earned a few years ago, he started a small business.

so those commendatory words become derogatory words again.

"every time someone asks her about my work, she doesn't know how to answer, it makes me feel sorry."

I can't decide what a good decision is, but I know it's a decision I make when I fall in love with someone.

because another name of love is inferiority complex.

some people say that a man's maturity begins when he really falls in love with someone.

this process is both painful and happy.

may be the understanding of love, the analysis of family affection, and a deeper understanding of life.

the sweet BGM in love is immersive;

so it is also called the La La City version of "Speed and passion".

good night.

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