Those days related to Guo Jingming

Those days related to Guo Jingming
While cherishing the death of youth, while destroying the remains of youth.

when I first met Guo Jingming, I was in primary school.

until I patted her on the shoulder behind her, she sniffed softly, looked back at me, smiled and said, "here we go."

pretending to inadvertently pick up the book on the table, I found that the title of the book reads "sad against the current".

but an idea of admiring him suddenly occurred to me on the grounds that he could make my sister cry with words.

I thought to myself that I want to be such a person in the future.

then stare at the gorgeous words in it every day and get high marks again and again in the exam composition.

after a few years, the most novel became a complete hit.

at that time, my deskmate in junior high school was Guo's die-hard fan. I waited for the arrival of the 15th every month, and then withdrew 40 yuan from a small amount of pocket money and went to the newsstand at the school gate to buy one of the most novel and another of the most engraved.

the rest of the class, in order to get priority borrowing rights from my deskmate, the class representative did not hesitate to release water when collecting her homework, and her roommates were willing to help her with a meal for a week, and some male students even went to buy a bunch of snacks in exchange.

but at that time, my affection for Guo Jingming was not so strong.

is probably a demand for rebellion, and my friends and I became infatuated with Han Han.

the long-standing dispute between Guo and Han, coupled with Guo's vigorous plagiarism, has led to a politically correct standard in our small circle-Han Han wrote what an upright boy should see. Guo Jingming is just an expert at deceiving little girls into tears.

but the funny thing is, I still couldn't resist the urge to borrow books from my deskmate at that time.

while watching, you have to sneer in your heart: "it's really unnutritious reading."

one weekend, I brought home the most novel that I had not finished, and I happened to be bumped into.

as if I had done something wrong, I dared not face him and quickly looked for an excuse in my mind to deal with it: "No, my deskmate left it here."

I hurriedly took advantage of the opportunity to push the pot: "Yes, very speechless."

No one thought that a young virgin instantly understood the feeling of being caught by acquaintances because of a book.

I don't know since when, people have abandoned their qq and switched to Wechat.

as one of them, I know very well that what everyone cares about is the Martian text with strange symbols on the personality signature and the diary with 45 degrees looking up at the sky.

so as time goes on, that sense of shame becomes stronger and stronger.

is often mentioned as Zhang ailing and Zhang Xiaoxian, so that it will sound a little more compelling.

Our formal dresses for flat chested girls are defined by elaborate cuts pulchritude . Spend time and consider this selection.

just like after Li Feng revealed on Weibo the night before last that she had been sexually assaulted by Guo seven years ago, she clearly knew that there was no proof and the matter had not been confirmed, but most people's first reaction was to condemn and step on it.

it seems that the harder you step on him, the more the line will be drawn to prove that you have higher taste and maturity.

on the one hand, people cherish their dead youth, on the other hand, they want to destroy the remains of youth.

in fact, the name Guo Jingming is far away from me, and I am no longer interested in any of his works.

I know that he is ugly and shameless, plagiarizes, treats literature as a commodity, and may even commit sexual assault.

at least when his name is brought up for discussion again, I think of many people who are sixteen years old.

I don't need to draw a line by any means. I graciously admit that I was naive.

good night.

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