Those who love quietly, have also secretly gone through fire and water.

Those who love quietly, have also secretly gone through fire and water.
Can only love you secretly.

"I'm not going."

"Lily is coming this time."

"that... So what? No, I have things to do. "

Lily is the girl Ah Chong met during the class friendship, and then she had a crush on each other for a year.

although he only said this to me, in my opinion, Ah Chong didn't do anything during the year.

has never asked anyone anything about her.

keep saying that you care about each other, but there is no change in action.

some people bring breakfast every day, some say good night every night, but Ah Chong does nothing and says nothing.

just like this time, Ah Chong, who hesitated for a long time, finally chose not to come.

he didn't reply to me.

get angry, but as a good friend, I sent Ah Chong the time and address on the morning of the party.

I opened Wechat. I wanted to ask Ah Chong to confirm it again, but when I thought of his appearance, I gritted my teeth and said, "leave him alone, he must not bother to come here."

"wait a minute." I suddenly grabbed the pen in his hand as if I had been electrocuted.

you won't admit your mistake. It's Ah Chong's car.

"Oh good." He nodded again and drew a circle on Ah Chong's name.

when I took the elevator downstairs to change the venue, I took a peek and found that the electric car had also been driven away.


I was so resentful that I kept scolding the "pussy" in my heart as I ate.

"actually he likes you."

she smiled, showing two tiger teeth and whispered to me, "I know."

"No, it's just a feeling." Lily, call me back.

obviously wanted to match them as a bystander, but now he has turned himself into an outsider who knows nothing.

then she showed me a screenshot of A Chong's running route in moments- he ran seven kilometers around the whole campus, but avoided Lily's dormitory building.

"at first I thought that he hated me, so he intentionally or unintentionally reduced the intersection and didn't want to get in touch with me directly. But when a person avoids you again and again without missing any opportunity, it's not that simple. "

and I finally realized that A Chong is not doing nothing, what he has been doing is trying to do nothing.


I found that what I always thought was right could be wrong.

as long as that person works hard enough.

you can walk around the campus to catch a glimpse of each other;

these things are not difficult at all, as long as you are willing to put in some time and effort.

going through fire and water is just an instinct, and it takes a lot of struggle to be quiet.

like A Chong rode that pink electric bike to give me McDonald's that day, and I asked him, "Why are you so nice to me today?"

later, when I saw the moments posted by Lily that day, there was only one sentence: "I really want to eat McDonald's."

No matter how I tried to persuade him, he just waved his hand and said, "come on, she won't like people like me, so she won't cause anyone any trouble."

although I always hurt Ah Chong in my mouth, to be fair, he is good-looking, plays the violin, and has a few little girls, which is not as bad as he thinks.

sometimes we say this is coquettish, but more often, they are also called cowards.


at the end of the meeting, Lily quietly asked me, "do you know why I noticed so much?"

and not long after that, they were together, and it was Lily who took the initiative to express her love.

but what about other "Ah Chong" in the world?

for people who don't like them, that's pussy.

wouldn't they know?

but I can't help it. I can't move when I like you.

"I am the one who took the waste paper from your workplace, write me a letter according to your handwriting, and lower the ring in your drawer."

"even if you knew, you wouldn't think it was me."

can only secretly, secretly like you until you understand it, or forget it.

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