True love is the one who accompanies you on a rainy day.

True love is the one who accompanies you on a rainy day.
Good night for the fifth time.

I still don't know what you mean.

first, I'm really sorry.

because after my recording is saved,

(it's all in the middle, so it's gone)

^ in the draft, it shows that the audio has 7 minutes of

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good breath. It is too late to re-record, outside the heavy rain and lightning, you really can't stand high with your cell phone: (

promise me, you must pretend to hear it all, OK:)

this song is also a little old, and the story is very simple. It is that the female master misses the male master very much, but has no reason to call him, so she has no choice but to lose sleep and be unhappy.

this friend appeared in one of my previous articles. She went on and off with her ex several times, but finally broke up.

then asked me what I could do to forget him.

people are sometimes very funny, hoping that they can delete each other handsomely, while expecting that they will not delete themselves, and expect them to find that they have been deleted soon and then add you back immediately.

so put up with it, do something else, go to play, go shopping, eat, whatever. When I get better one day, when I look back, I may think, "Hey, he's not so good either."

and I am a very passive person, if I send someone the first sentence, the second sentence, the other person does not reply to me, I will not send the third sentence.

for some reasons, this recording is really problematic.

our launch platform is NetEase Yun Music and Litchi FM. Come and chat with me sometime.

(long press to identify)

(long press to identify)

this is probably the most error-prone radio station in history.

pretend you heard it all.

make sure you pretend you heard it all.

my troublesome