Why can't you fall in love?

Why can't you fall in love?
Some people don't know that's the most important thing until they lose it.


someone left a message on Weibo a few days ago, saying that after she had had a serious relationship, it was really difficult for her to be as committed as before, and whether it was her problem that she didn't want to fall in love again.

I've seen a lot of similar problems about being single.

for example, some people will be disgusted instantly as long as the person they like also likes themselves; some people can only fall in love over time, but not at first glance; and some people, like me, will resist blabla such as being with passionate and active people.

people around you will think that these people are very strange. After a long time, even they can't help but wonder if it is really their own problem and whether they should really correct it.

I didn't know anything new until I came into contact with the concept of "sexuality" later.

in addition to heterosexual homosexuality, there is a well-known sexual orientation called Lithromantic, which refers to people who fall in love with someone but do not want an emotional response. As soon as they get a response, their feelings of love disappear.

in addition to Lithromantic, there is also Demiromantic, which refers to those who are likely to like others only if they establish a deep enough relationship. In other words, such people often fall in love with their good friends.

another kind of sexual orientation called Aromanic, they can communicate with others emotionally, but it is difficult to feel romantic and attractive.

in fact, some people cannot fall in love and are not suitable for falling in love. They may be born in heaven.

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what prompted me to learn about sexuality was actually a genetic test I took last month.

the process of genetic testing looks very scientific. I need to spit a tube of saliva into the collection tube and send it to Shenzhen for genetic analysis, which takes up to four weeks.

when I got the test results, I found that it must be a little scary. In the report, I even measured my physique, such as not being fat, blushing when I drank, and being light in sleep.

and the report has a micro-interpretation function called "Why can't you fall in love?"

genetic analysis shows that my cognitive ability to my emotional state is average, it is not easy to get close to others, and it is not easy to start or maintain a relationship.

the last few words are particularly eye-catching-I have been in love for only three months.

and below the results, the two types of people are also shown, and the proportion of people who are not close to others accounts for 7. 8%.

I secretly breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the result.

it turns out that not being able to fall in love is our own problem, but it doesn't matter, because a lot of people have this problem.

G is the dominant gene, so the traits of GG and CG are the same.


I always ask couples who have been talking for years how they have been together for seven years, eight years or even a lifetime.

the answers they gave me were always surprisingly consistent, scratching my head in embarrassment and saying, "there's nothing I can do about it." And then add: "in fact, this process is not so smooth."

actually I know why I can't fall in love for a long time.

in the past, I did not know how to consider the feelings of others and did not know how to restrain my own ideas, so I often stabbed others.

but there was someone who was different at that time.

every time I stab her, she is willing to tell me directly that it makes her sad.

most people will be disgusted and run when I poke pain.

but she will stay and help me grind off those too sharp thorns.

over and over again, slowly, we were together for more than four years, and I gradually changed my remarks that were too sharp.

my mother said that I was much softer in my three years of high school and was not as aggressive as before. She never knew that my change came not from the books I had read, but from the people I liked.

whenever I think of it, I feel very sad.

although this is my only long-term relationship, although I still can't like anyone for a long time, that relationship really made me realize that some people can change all your natural habits.


I think the most powerful thing about people is that they can break through the inherent limitations and rely on the acquired difficulties.

it's just that sometimes we do need some voices to tell ourselves--

it turns out that I do have this problem. It turns out that not everyone can accomplish something easily, and that their own difficulties can be understood, so that they can face life more easily.

so in the end, I'd like to take a look at WeGene's genetic test, which can really give you a new perspective on yourself.

there is a foreign website called 23andme, which means 23 pairs of chromosomes and me. Because we are a country of immigrants, many people want to find out what country they come from through their genes, while the domestic WeGene has an additional function to detect national lineage.

for example, in the report, I am 2% Korean, while the rest is almost Han.

in addition, gene testing has more functions, such as health risks, exercise genes, nutritional metabolism, genetic characteristics, and so on. There is a special normal human research institute on the Discovery Channel, which is also very interesting.

there is also the aforementioned micro-interpretation, such as a rainbow index that tests homosexuality. I am 42.

there are also interesting functions such as pitch measurement, and the report shows that I have the possibility of absolute pitch.

there are many features that you can go by yourself.Experience it, such as testing whether the glass heart attribute, testing whether the unexpected person's view, and so on.


after today's advertisement, I finally want to talk to you seriously about "Why can't you fall in love"?

maybe it's because of sexuality, maybe it's personality, maybe it's experience, but we have to admit one thing-it's really difficult for some people to start a new relationship and maintain a relationship.

you may be a little sad.

but it's all right-- difficult doesn't mean it's impossible.

but the more difficult it is, the more you will cherish it when you get it.

everyone has their own way of life. Good night.

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hee hee, good night again.