Win more than 5, it means that you are in good health!

Win more than 5, it means that you are in good health!
Only pursue what you want in your heart and live a pure and thorough life.


not light food

nowadays, being vegetarian has become a trend, and many people firmly believe that light food is the healthiest way to eat.

less cooking methods such as frying, reasonable collocation of meat and vegetables, and eating some coarse grains, fine grains and fruits. This is a really healthy diet and can ensure balanced nutrition at the same time.


sleep well

to judge whether you sleep well or not, you should look at two key points: one is to be regular, and the other is to get enough sleep.

the best daily sleep time is 7-9 hours for adults and 7-8 hours for people over 65 years old.

short-term lack of sleep will not only make people sleepy, but also have cognitive impairment and mood disorders.

No matter what time you go to bed and what time you get up, as long as you go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

being able to fall asleep in 30 minutes, wake up less than once, go to bed in the morning, and have plenty of energy during the day means that your sleep quality is good.


slightly fat

Modern people always regard slimness as their beauty, but they don't know that being slightly fat is the healthiest figure.

some studies have found that people who are slightly overweight at the age of 40 are healthier than those who are thinner.

American researchers have also found that being slightly fat can help the elderly increase their resistance and immunity to a certain extent.

people who are slightly fat will not go on a crazy diet in pursuit of bony beauty and pay special attention to their bodies.

slightly fat people, not only have more vitality, but also have a better state in the face of the ups and downs of life.


keep exercising every week

Einstein said: "Life is like riding a bicycle. If you want to keep your balance, you have to keep moving."

the study of Yale University in the United States shows that exercising 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes at a time is of the greatest benefit to mental health.

the second half of life is not about speed, but about endurance. At any time, having a strong body is the foundation of a person's foothold.

exercise is the best way to stay healthy and to meet a new self.


emotionally stable

people often say that "anger hurts the body", which is not groundless.

Ji Xianlin once said: "to keep in good health is a state of mind."

No one in the world has ever had a smooth journey. What emotions you use to face the problems of life, what kind of future life will give back to you.

only when you have a good mood can you keep a good fortune.


regular travel

Bi Shumin said, "Travel is a medicine that can cure the bitterness of life."

when you feel tired, press a pause button for the hurried life and put the tiredness and trivialities on your shoulders.

get rid of all distractions, take your empty body and mind, stay away from the secular noise, walk all over the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and taste the elegance at 04:00.

stop-and-go all the way, enjoy free and easy and comfortable, give yourself a soft time, let the soul bloom in the quiet.


know how to let go

there are two most useless things in the world, one is anger, the other is complaining.

most of the time, troubles come not from the outside, but from our hearts.

blindly drilling into the corner will only make the depression in the heart accumulate deeper and deeper, so that you can't breathe. It's better to turn around in time, and you may see a different world.

as the living Buddha Gatso said:

although it is difficult to let go, it is not impossible. At least we can put it down from the most "evil" place. For example, let go of hatred, sorrow, suspicion, jealousy and pain.

in this way we have room to carry "good" things, such as happiness, serenity, happiness and compassion.

Let go of the past, let go of the past, is to let go of yourself.


have a partner who knows both cold and hot

"Happy Marriage" says:

people who live in happy marriages live longer and healthier lives than those who are divorced or in unhappy marriages.

in the besieged city of marriage, there are many trifles and trivial waters.

A partner who is willing to love you may not be perfect and can not give you the whole world, but he will spare no effort to protect you from the wind and rain and give you all tenderness and carefulness.

when you are with such a person, you don't have to worry about gain or loss, so as to prevent you from wandering. If you respect and love each other and understand each other for the rest of your life, you will be able to stay with each other until the end of your life.

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A heart that refuses to accept the old

as the old saying goes: if one does not think of the old, the veteran will not come.

No matter how old you are, always maintain a belief that you don't accept the old, and constantly improve yourself.

whether it's reading a book a week, developing one of your own interests, or getting in touch with other new things.

always confident and open-minded, not because of age anxiety, not because of the current small emotions to suffer.

only pursue what you want in your heart and live a pure and thorough life.

A heart that refuses to accept the old is not cosmetics, but it can make people glow and make life rich and wonderful.

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, love yourself from now on! Never forget that your health is the greatest blessing.