You are the friend I don't talk to but don't want to delete.

You are the friend I don't talk to but don't want to delete.
Maybe I don't deserve to be your friend anymore.

I saw a picture on the grapevine the other day, which is a new feature coming online from Wechat.

after the new version is online in a few days, you can find it in "I"-"Settings"-"Privacy".

this function can help users filter out "friends who do not contact often", which is used to facilitate the cleaning of people.

, there are three screening conditions, namely:

does not chat alone within half a year;

has no common small group;

does not reply to his or her circle of friends within half a year.

because I suddenly realized that this also means that my friend's shelf life may only be half a year.

that afternoon I posted a circle of friends, posted this picture, and sighed casually. Unexpectedly, there were more than half as many likes and comments as usual.

I don't know if it's because they really feel the same way, or because I'm just afraid of not interacting for half a year.

but the actions of both sides confirm the same thing:

in this day and age, it's really getting harder and harder to be a qualified friend. The idea of

has been in my head for a long time.

from "moments visible for only three days /half a year" to "friends who don't get in touch very often", I can say that I am getting more and more lost.

I remember opening her circle of friends enthusiastically at that time, trying to learn about her recent situation, but when I went in, I found that there were only a few gray words and a bar on it, like an ice-cold iron door, drawing a clear line from me.

I feel a little uncomfortable, but I'm not qualified to express any feelings.

as one reader said in a message at that time:

"it's up to me to set it up. If you really care about me, I should see it right now. I don't want to brush it later. I don't care about it. "

if you keep an eye on your moments from time to time, you will lose the right to care.

from time to time, I will see some retweeted tweets saying:

"people who want to find you will naturally come to you, knowing that strong melons are not sweet."

so people like me who don't take the initiative to chat with others are also labeled as "fake friends".

more and more people like to define the word "friend" and use them as a judgment mark-- what

has achieved is a friend of life and death;

is just a general acquaintance.

but can the relationship of friends really be defined by rigid rules?

just after posting on moments that day, A Yi talked about me privately and jokingly said, "chat alone, so as not to be screened out."

because the two families are relatively close, she has been my friend since I have the ability to remember, and she is close enough to take a bath together.

later, as I moved and went to other places to study, she changed schools frequently, and our lives and circles were too far apart. The phone calls to each other asking if they could not return at the weekend gradually disappeared.

nevertheless, Ah Yi is still the first batch of friends I have added since I changed from QQ to Wechat.

looking at the message she sent, I glanced up and found that the last chat was a blessing to each other on New year's Eve, which has been estimated for half a year.

to be honest, because of the differences in circles and life, she and I have almost nothing to talk about except memories.

so that afternoon we chatted for a while and ended the conversation hastily after asking such polite topics as "how are you doing?"where do you work?" and "do you have a boyfriend?"

according to those so-called definitions, I am no longer qualified to be her good friend.

but who knows, I occasionally sneak through her moments, her Weibo and her friend's Weibo. Just read it quietly to see what kind of life she was living, without talking, let alone leaving any trace.

maybe I am not a "qualified" friend;

maybe I really have nothing to say to you;

maybe we will go further and further in the future;

but in my heart, you will always be my friend, forever.

so when I see the options in the new feature, I don't want to admit that we are "friends who don't keep in touch very often."

because I don't know, the green button that says "next" hides grouping, blocking, or deleting.

maybe I was so sensitive that I began to feel sad before the new feature was officially launched.

it turns out that even the closeness and closeness of friends can be settled in this way, and there can be such a meticulous standard.

in fact, I know better than anyone who will be missed by myself.

I don't bother you, but I miss you;

I'm busy, I miss your circle of friends, but I'm still thinking about you;

some people don't care, but they're just not fit to ask directly.

but when it comes to rules and definitions, it all becomes fake.

I'm afraid that one day, based on these precise options, I will easily be expelled by people I secretly miss.

seems to foresee that on the day they were deleted, the other person looked at the phone, took the screened "evidence" and said to himself, "you are really not my good friend."

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I am really sad.

because I always feel that no emotion can be defined rigidly.

even if you have to do so, you should give it a human feeling, not a cold rule.

finally, I want to tell you:

I don't deserve to be your good friend, but I am still your good friend.

good night.

(ios appreciates the entrance)

good evening, I am Yuanxia.

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