Your cruelty turned me into an adult overnight.

Your cruelty turned me into an adult overnight.
Accustomed to disappointment, people begin to slowly learn to protect themselves.

it was six months ago that I liked Yoga Lin.

I've liked a lot of singers before, but no singer has ever let me do this.

one of the lyrics made me remember for a long time:

is that you turned me into an adult overnight.

turned into scars along the way

my deskmate Jun in high school, my only hobby is hip-hop.

"Lin Jun, put your phone away!" The head teacher shouted at him.

the laughter was heard by the head teacher as "disdain".

everyone knows that there are some labels in this sentence.

is Ah Jun's mother.

the head teacher scolded in the face, and the mother and son both bowed their heads.

when A Jun's mother opened her mouth, she lost her heroic spirit and said in a low voice:

"anyway, it's all countdown, so it doesn't matter if you fall down. Go home and stay for a week." The head teacher said coldly.

I knew he was smart for a long time, so I wasn't too surprised when he squeezed into the top three from the bottom of the grade. But at the same time, I also know that step-by-step is not his personality.

I used to think that people become more mature because he has made some changes.

the night before she went to college, Aling's mother said to her:

the most heartbreaking sentence is:

on the day of school, the train slowly started, and the skinny Aling, standing on the car alone with a big bag and small bag, watched the telephone pole in front of her getting closer and closer, the familiar scenery was slowly left behind, her body shook left and right with the car, and the 120 kilometers ahead was full of unknown.

later, when she went to college, Aileen had to work two jobs in addition to taking classes. The frightened girl turned into a good talker in front of clients.

people grow up overnight and seem to be sensible, but the price of being sensible is naked cruelty.


it's not too much to be selfish, it's better than setting yourself on fire for you

I used to think that my ex didn't love me as much as I thought.

"actually, I'm not that good. I can't talk very well. I'm afraid to fall in love with someone. I'm afraid I can't handle this relationship by myself. I'm afraid I'll make you feel bad."

after we were together, we had a lot of things to try together, watching movies, walking together, and eating Spicy Hot Pot together. There was no contradiction, but a month later, we suddenly entered a very strange state.

after the movie was over, she told me, "I'm sorry about that."

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later, this kind of thing happened more and more.

I said yes.

I said yes.

even my body has accepted the change:

but I always have an expectation. I want to wait until the day she changes, but at the last minute of the breakup, I suddenly feel that

at the same time, when I get used to disappointment, people slowly learn to protect themselves.

A Jun Ling asked me for a drink a few days ago.

she said, "I used to hate it very much, but then someone told me, Ah Ling, you are so excellent. At this time, I thought, maybe suffering will make people look new, so I don't hate you so much."

I asked him, "Don't you want to reason with that teacher?"

at this time, I think of my ex, the laughter and tears of the past, and the fact that I once loved someone unreservedly. I found that I didn't have a trace of hate or complaint.

at the same time, being able to accept the past also means that you grow up and look like an adult.

however, it is good to have a scarred heart, because to feel pain means that we are not yet dead, which means that we are still passionate about life.

this is the greatest cruelty.


Chen Lian

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